Traction/Forklift battery

Traction/Forklift battery

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48 volt Flooded Lead Acid forklift battery

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Traction Forklift battery
48 Volt 400ah New Forklift Batteries for Electric Forklifts, Reach Pickers, etc.

It widely used in buses, sports and entertainment as a clean and pollution-free DC power supply . Battery size in line with Chinese GB standards, the British BS standards, the Germanic DIN standard, also respectively passed DIN / N60254-2 and IEC60254-2 standards.


◆ Long design life more than 1500 cycles at 80% DOD. 


 reliable sealing structure.
 Excellent cycle performance and recovery ability after deep discharge.◆ Special design to prevent the short circuit of battery.

 Excellent low temperature performance. Automatic watering system and gas mixing system (optional)

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