Fatory tour

Factory tour



Workshop Building

lithium companies factory.jpg

Administration Building

bulls power battery QC Spectrum Lab .jpg

QC Spectrum Lab.

bullspower Lead Oxide Workshop.jpg

Lead Oxide Workshop

Plate Formation Workshop.jpg

Plate Formation Workshop

bullspower Plates Ready.jpg

Plates Ready

Production Line.jpg

Production Line

Charging Workshop.jpg

Charging Workshop




Better consistency.jpg

Better consistency: A new generation of patented formula

and state-of-the-art special processing technique guarantee

the stable consistency of multiple compartments of battery in serial operation.

battery charging.jpg

Correct battery charging ensures the maximum possible

working life for the battery


OPZV production equipment

OPZV battery production equipment.jpg


Plate Formation-Lead Oxide-Coating


OPZV gel battery production equipment.jpg

Curing Chamber-Polishing-Assembling-Welding


OPZV gel solar battery production equipment.jpg

Cladding-Dispensing-Add acid-Charging

Battery have longer life

Battery have longer life.jpg OPZV Battery have longer life.jpg
GEL-Battery-have-longer-life.jpg Tubular Battery have longer life.jpg