Intelligent Street Light

Intelligent Street Light

New Energy Intelligent Street Light System

Name: New Energy Intelligent Street Light System

Introduction: The solution is designed based on the shortage of general new energy street lamp in operation and maintenance, through the integrated design of power supply and controller, adopting the Zig Bee wireless networking technology, realized the online monitoring, maintenance and energy-saving operation then to improve the economy of construction, operation reliability and the maintenance convenience.

● Advanced control: set by remote light control, time control, Light control+ time control, achieved PWM continuously variable dimming control, automatic and intelligent management; MPPT and battery three phase charge manage, improve solar energy utility and battery lifetime.

● Simple operation: can amend the turn on and turn off time, can manage adjust the luminance and set the time as per the real condition (Weather dramatic change, important event, festival) uniformly, it is convenient to manage.

● Clear Street Lamp condition: lighting facilities management is done by the system independent patrol, high initiative, timeliness and reliability, extract the battery in randomly at regular intervals to check battery SOC and health status, the street lamp operation status is clear and definite.

● Convenient maintenance: fault automatic diagnosis, accurate location, clear reason, no need troubleshooting. Real time against theft and alarm system, early warning; it is convenient for maintenance.