Home & Commercial Energy Storage

Home & Commercial Energy Storage

Understanding Energy Storage

Making Solar Energy Available When the Sun Doesn’t Shine

Energy storage may be the critical technology that will make widespread adoption of renewable energy possible and practical. Incorporating energy storage into a utility’s roadmap allows for the flexible dispatch of energy, similar to that achieved with traditional resources for electricity generation. 

Energy storage can also address reliability concerns such as voltage variability at the grid level, providing more reliability for customers.

Solar energy systems are becoming a vital part of our overall energy picture. Roof-mounted solar panels create energy instantly from the sun’s rays. However, some of this energy is not immediately required and the excess can be saved to battery a storage. This surplus energy can be used at another time when the sun is not shining. The stored energy can also act as an emergency backup in the case of main’s failure. 


Rooftop solar panels in the village neighborhood.

Storing Our Renewable Power Supply to Help Meet Demand

Energy storage improves the way we generate, deliver, and consume electricity. It helps during emergencies like power outages from storms, equipment failures, accidents or other unforeseen circumstances. The game-changing nature of energy storage is its ability to balance power supply and demand instantaneously — within milliseconds — which makes power networks more resilient, efficient and cleaner than ever before.

Energy storage in the form of a battery system greatly supports the integration of renewable energy and can also help cut emissions by reducing the load on fossil-fuel generation. In order to increase the value and adoption of solar energy, it needs to be available even when the sun isn't shining. 

Generating electric power during peak periods is one of the most costly aspects of the electric grid. Using energy storage to make existing generation stretch further significantly contributes to our environmental goals and continues to put us on track for energy independence.

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When considering energy storage system solutions, the battery life and safety features are critical. This is why the Wisdom Power solution comes complete with our well proven and advanced lead carbon and lithium-ion phosphate technology in a smart, robust cabinet, providing a safe and secure storage facility.

1. Lead carbon battery

 2. lithium-ion phosphate battery 

                lithium-ion phosphate battery 

As technology advances both for batteries and predictive analytics, We can expect to see more and more applications of energy storage coupled to solar PV.