Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Public welfare

Wsidom’s values and behaviors, which underpin the company’s win from within operating tenets, advocate social responsibility. We believe that being socially responsible is necessary to building trusting relationships with our constituents and to winning as a business enterprise.

In recent years, Wisodm Power has focused on a variety of charitable giving, involving culture, education, health, public safety, poverty alleviation, disaster relief and other areas.

We see environmental, health and safety practices, supplier relationships and philanthropy

-- in the forms of corporate giving and employee volunteerism

-- as key components of our social responsibility.

Design: Innovative battery and cabinet design lowers battery replacement which lowers environmental and financial cost of operation.

Manufacturing: Our facilities are built and run to meet the toughest possible environmental requirements to prevent lead poisoning of the surrounding air ground and water. In fact the water is cleaner when leaving our plant than it was when it entered.

Distribution: Strategically located distribution hubs mean smaller carbon footprints cost reduction and first-class service.

Operation: Efficient solutions are adapted for each operating environment to maximize service life and minimize energy usage.

Recycling: All Wisdom Power batteries and cabinets are recyclable with a longer service life and less material to reduce waste.

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