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2016 Munich International Solar Energy Technology Exhibition

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

Huizhou Wisdom Power Technology Co., ltd is the show time:. Jun 22-24,2016
Exhibition address: MUNICH, GERMANY,

Booth NO.:B1.650D.

This time, our company will participate in Europe's largest solar exhibition, if you would like to know more about our products can go to the Exhibition.

Intersolar Munich International Exhibition of solar energy technology in Europe and the world's largest solar professional trade fair brings together three major solar technology areas, including: photovoltaic technology, solar systems and solar construction. Organizers for the German Solar Industry Coalition, the International Solar Energy Society and the German branch of the German Federal Photovoltaic Industry Association. Before 2007, the exhibition venue has been located in Freiburg, Germany. Due to the strong growth momentum, Freiburg has been unable to meet the needs of the majority of exhibitors booth area, so the organizers decided to move the show to the German high-tech center of the city Munich. During the exhibition will be held in the International Conference of the use of photovoltaic solar energy and the European Forum.

   Market analysis

Solar energy in its reserves "infinity", the existence of universality, development and utilization of clean and gradually reveal the economic and other advantages, its exploitation is the ultimate solution of conventional energy, especially fossil energy brings energy shortages, environmental pollution and effective way to the greenhouse effect and other issues, is the human ideal alternative energy sources. At present, the development and utilization of solar energy technology and its application by leaps and bounds, in 1997, global sales of solar cells increased by 40 percent, becoming the fastest growing source of energy. Solar water heater industry has been formed, is its excellent price-performance continue to impact on gas, electric water heater market; solar thermal power plants have been commercialized, large-scale solar power plant is hope; photoelectric technology development faster, and in the photoelectric conversion efficiency continuous improvement and photovoltaic cell manufacturing costs continue to decline, and the advent of new types of solar cells. States on the utilization of solar energy has given great attention, highlighted in governments launched photovoltaic program.

Up to now, only 10% of German electricity from solar energy, but the German government plans to renewable energy sources in total energy proportion from the current 13% to 27% in 2020. Over the past three years, the production of the German solar-related products increased by 5 times, twice the growth rate higher than the average of other countries. At the same time the center of Europe is located in Munich, convenient location and convenient traffic conditions, make the world's most advanced exhibition center of the city of Munich has become the solar industry in Germany and Europe.


1, PV module, components and related production equipment, and grid-connected PV systems, rural photovoltaic power generation systems;

2, wind power and photovoltaic power generation systems complement each other, silicon solar cells, thin film solar cells, solar cells and transparent encapsulation material;

3, inverters, power transmission equipment;

4, solar thermal products, solar facades and roof assembly;

5, the new solar lamps;

6, measurement and control system, solar system control software;

7, other related services.

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