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How to recognize car battery model

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

A, national standard battery

Models for 6 - QAW - 54 a battery, for example, show as follows:

1. 6 said consists of six single cell battery, each single cell battery voltage is 2 v, the rated voltage of 12 v.

Indicates the purpose of the battery, (2) Q Q for the start-up battery, M for motorcycle battery, JC for HK to ship battery, aviation battery electric vehicle battery, F, D said valve control type storage battery;

3. A and W says the type of battery, A for dry type batteries, W said maintenance free battery, if not the normal battery;

4. 54 said the rated capacity of battery is 54 ah (sufficient electric battery, at room temperature with 20 h and 20 h battery discharging rate of discharge current foreign output power);

5. Corner mark a for improvement to the original first, after the name and improvement of the b said the second, so on.

Note: (1) type D said add after low temperature starting performance is good, such as 6 - QA - 110 - D.

(2) model with HD said after high vibration mode.

(3) model and DF said after low temperature loading, such as 6 - QA - 165 DF.

Second, the Japanese JIS standard battery

In 1979, the Japanese standard battery model with Japan's Nippon N as a representative, the back of the figure is the size of the battery slot, with close to the rated capacity of the battery, such as NS40ZL:

1. N said Japan JIS standards;

2. S miniaturization, the actual capacity is smaller than 40 Ah, is 36 Ah;

3. Z has a good start discharge performance under the same size, S pile terminal is coarse than with the capacity of the battery, such as NS60SL;

4. The positive column on the left side, R L said said the positive pile on the right side, such as NS70R. (note: the battery pile direction from a distance)

By 1982, the Japanese standard battery model according to the new standard to perform, such as 38 b20l (NS40ZL) :

1.38 according to the performance of the battery parameters. The greater the number, the more power battery can be stored.

2. B said codes of the width and height of battery. Combination of width and height of the storage battery is represented by one of the eight letters (A to H), character, the closer the H, the greater the width and height values of said storage battery.

3.20 according to the length of the storage battery of about 20 cm.

4. L said the location of the positive terminal, seen from far away from the battery column in the past, the positive terminal on the right side the R, positive terminal on the left side the L.

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