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Lead carbon batteries - new energy storage solution

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

Lead-carbon battery technology was first proposed by Australian scientists, the ancient Furukawa in Japan began to study, to the United States began to attach importance, and then began to study in China, now more than a decade. In recent years, China's research in this field has also made its due contribution. Lead-carbon battery is advanced technology, superior performance of chemical storage technology. At present, lead-carbon batteries using composite technology, charging performance and service life increased dramatically.

Energy storage technology has five key evaluation indicators, namely, battery cycle life, scale, safety, efficiency, cost. According to the evaluation of several indicators of lead-carbon batteries, we found that the number of cycles of charging and discharging has reached a very good effect.

At present, the core issue of energy storage technology is the cost issue. The current calculation results, lead-carbon batteries did not store a kilowatt-hour electricity, the cost is 0.37 yuan, while lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries is 0.94 yuan, 0.63 yuan. Lead-carbon batteries have obvious advantages.

Lead carbon battery technology breakthrough in three directions, the first one is the mechanism of action of carbon also need to be studied, because the mechanism of action is very much, and different carbon materials are not the same, so this mechanism must be targeted to improve and improve. The second is high-performance carbon materials and additives to be further improved, the international community is also moving in a new direction, we now use activated carbon material or magnetic wood and other materials. The third is the organic synergy between different carbon materials also need further study, lead-carbon batteries inside a number of battery management systems and large-scale technology, but also lead-carbon battery technology is very important aspect.