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The bullspower solar cell applications

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

The solar cell applications?

(1) the user solar power: - small power 10 ~ 100 w, as used in remote areas without electricity, island, pastoral areas, border posts and other military and civilian life electricity, such as lighting, TV, radio, etc.- 3 ~ 5 kw home roof grid-connected power generation system.Photovoltaic water pump: solve the without electricity the deep Wells of drinking and irrigation.

(2) transportation: such as beacon light, traffic/railway signal lights, traffic warning lights, street lamps, high altitude obstacle lights, highway/railway wireless phone booth, unattended class power supply, etc.

(3) the communication/communication: solar unattended microwave relay station, fiber optic cable maintenance station, radio/communication/paging power system;Photovoltaic systems, small rural carrier telephone communication machine, soldiers GPS power supply, etc.

(4) oil, ocean, meteorology, petroleum pipeline and reservoir gate cathodic protection solar power supply system, oil RIGS and emergency power, Marine life testing equipment, weather/hydrological observation equipment, etc.

(5) the family power of lamps and lanterns: such as the courtyard lamp, street lamp, lantern, camping lamps, mountaineering lamp, fish lamp, black light lamp, tapping lights, energy-saving lamps, etc.Photovoltaic power station

(6) : 10 kw ~ 50 mw independent photovoltaic power station, scenery complementary (wood), all kinds of large parking charging stations, etc.

(7) solar building: combining solar power and building materials, makes the future large construction self-sufficient in electric power, is a development direction in the future.

(8) other areas include: - and auto accessories: solar car/electric vehicles, battery charging equipment, automobile air conditioner, fan, cold box, etc.- solar hydrogen and fuel cell of renewable power generation systems.Power supply, water desalination equipment.- solar power satellites, spacecraft, space, etc.