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advantage of AGM battery and ordinary storage battery difference

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

AGM battery refers to the separator used in ultra-fine glass wool battery materials, compared with the ordinary battery, there are many differences. AGM battery is sealed, the battery cover has exhaust valve, the normal use of the process, do not need to Water Replenishment. Conventional battery is non-sealed, open the lid can see the electrolyte injection, the use of regular Often need Water Replenishment.




In this case,

Compared with the same specifications of the battery, the price is higher, but has the following advantages:


In this case,

1. Cycle charge capacity than lead-calcium batteries 3 times higher, with a longer life.


In this case,

2. Higher capacity stability throughout the life cycle.


In this case,

3. Low temperature start more reliable.


In this case,

4. Reduce the risk of accidents, reduce the risk of environmental pollution (Due to the acid 100% sealing).


In this case,

Compared with other batteries, AGM battery security is relatively high, Suitable for use in some series parallel high power applications.



AGM battery and ordinary storage battery difference?


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