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Solar battery storage and regular car batteries difference

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

Solar battery storage and regular car batteries difference


Solar energy used in the battery is a small electric discharge, every day to accept frequent charge and discharge, therefore need our maintenance-free lead-acid battery plate thicker, Acid and the ratio of liquid to better. The general automotive batteries, are only suitable for large instantaneous discharge of electricity.



Really qualified, good performance of the battery, you must meet the following introduction level.



* Alarm system

* Emergency lighting system

* Electronic equipment, electronic systems

* Railways, ships

* Post telecommunications

* Solar, wind power generation system

* Large UPS and computer backup power supply

* Fire power supply

* Peak load compensated energy storage device



Product Features:

* Maintenance-free without rehydration

* Adapt to the environment temperature wide -30 to 45 ℃

* Long service life, usually 3-5 years

* Safety explosion-proof

* No free electrolyte, side down 90 degrees can still be used

* Internal resistance is small, in the electric discharge characteristics of good

* Self-discharge is small

* Charged factory, easy to use

* Unique formula, deep discharge recovery performance


Battery structure


① battery terminals: high-hardness lead-based alloy or copper silver-plated terminals, corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity, high strength.


② Shell: ABS shell, sub-bonding and heat sealing two, which is particularly suitable for vibration, large changes in ambient temperature. Require special long battery life.


③ Sealant: The use of three sealing technology, the first layer of lead sets of welding seal, after the pressure test sealed with microporous sealed plastic seal, and finally sealed with red and black rubber to ensure that the battery does not appear during the acid leakage defects.


④ safety valve: excellent acid and heat resistance of EPDM rubber is made to ensure that the battery during use of security, reliability.


⑤ pole plate: the grid with excellent corrosion resistance of lead-calcium-tin-based multi-alloy.


⑥ baffle: the use of acid and heat resistance of fine glass fiber is made of good to prevent the positive and negative short circuit, keep the electrolyte, pressing the surface of the plate, to prevent the active substances fall off.


Battery performance


① large electric discharge performance: NP series of batteries using thin plate, the positive plate thickness between 2.4-2.9mm, while the use of high porosity active substance formula, the plate surface area, which is suitable for large electric discharge of electricity.


② Life: NP series batteries with thin plate, the cathode corrosion resistance is relatively poor, the battery life is relatively short, at an ambient temperature of 25 ± 5 ℃, for 5-8 years.


③ sealing reaction efficiency: NP series battery plate is thin, the number of films, large surface area, easy to seal reaction. At the same time the battery chamber is smaller, the general sealing reaction efficiency ≥ 98%.