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comparison of carbon battery with other batteries

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020


1. Lead carbon battery discharge depth of 60%, can be recycled more than 3,000 times (from the end of May 2012 began to measure the cycle performance, the test has not yet ended).


2. Lead carbon battery in the partial state of charge (PSoC), can inhibit the generation of negative sulfate, the battery will not fail due to lack of charge. (Negative generation of sulfate crystals is one of the reasons for the failure of conventional VRLA batteries.)


3. Lead carbon battery operating temperature range is very wide: -23 ℃ to 60 ℃.


4. Lead carbon battery to add carbon, carbon has good thermal conductivity, so the lead carbon battery for high temperature work.


5. Lead-carbon battery low-temperature discharge performance than traditional lead-acid batteries. Traditional lead-acid batteries at -20 ℃ discharge capacity of only 50%, lead-carbon batteries in the same temperature discharge capacity of up to 66%.


6. Traditional lead-acid batteries can only charge up to 0.2 C (standard charge is 0.1C).


Lead carbon battery can accept the maximum 0.6C charge (standard charge is 0.3C), the charging current is three times the traditional lead-acid battery, can greatly shorten the charging time, especially for the use of unstable solar energy system.

Comparison of carbon battery with other batteries


Comparison of carbon battery with other batteries