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BSLBATT technologies has introduced its Lithium Material Handling Battery

0 Published by admin May 20,2020

In today’s e-commerce boom, there are warehouses around the world housing hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands, of products. Warehouse workers scramble to organize, package and ship products to help meet e-tailers’ demanding deadlines. How do you think Amazon delivers stuff to people within 24 hours?

And, in every warehouse, there are fleets of vital, easily overlooked machines that help make all this productivity possible – forklifts. Traditionally for indoor warehouse applications, lead-acid batteries and liquified petroleum fuel (LPG) provided the energy source for forklifts.

BSLBATT Lithium has introduced its BSL series lithium-ion forklift battery. It can charge in 15 minutes and provides increased cycle life and lower maintenance requirements for Class I, II, and III forklifts as well as AGVs. It is suitable or large distribution centers and companies that run heavy-duty or multiple shifts.

Features include:

• Energy efficiency: the same energy as a lead-acid battery in a smaller and lighter package.

• 24/7 forklift operation using the same battery with only short bursts of recharging needed while workers are on breaks.

• Freed-up floor space for storage and operations due to the ability to use wall chargers.

• Lower maintenance requirements than lead-acid batteries due to eliminated need for watering.

• Specialized electronic BMS (Battery Management System) monitors the status and health of each battery.

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With increasing scrutiny of industrial emissions, stricter environmental regulations, and fluctuating energy costs, alternative power solutions are becoming ever more attractive to material handling businesses. Zero toxic emissions, spills, or acid leaks mean Lithium Material Handling Battery are much more environmentally friendly than their lead-acid counterparts. They are also FDA compliant.

BSLBATT’s new through the cloud system on the batteries, GPRS, GPS function, users are able to see key parameters such as battery location, status, BMS information, discharge current, charge current, and charge status in real-time. Simple, traffic-light-style reports enable energy consumption and productivity to be optimized. The software also notifies users immediately of any issues in the fleet using state-of-health information, allowing corrective action to be taken before uptime is affected. Preventative maintenance can also be scheduled automatically.

BSLBATT has a wide range of technologies and expertise to help you embrace the path ahead in intralogistics. This includes market-leading battery technologies, chargers, charging algorithms, battery management systems, consulting, and support. BSLBATT’s chargers enable both fast and opportunity charging and are specially optimized to work with GPRS, GPS, and BSLBATT’s range of material handling batteries.

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The new BSLBATT Lithium Material Handling Battery allows businesses to make significant savings, improve efficiency, and leverage the existing onboard display, Provide the right combination of high-performance battery, charger technology, fleet management and professional service to minimize the total cost of ownership for your business.

In a five-year period, you could replace about four lead-acid battery packs and maintain them regularly, or install a single, maintenance-free lithium-ion battery pack and save more than 80% on lift truck battery costs and recycling waste.

Lithium-ion technology provides improved energy efficiency when compared to conventional lead-acid technologies. It offers a greater depth of discharge and a constant voltage, meaning more power is available even when the battery is running low. The batteries’ high level of efficiency when charging and energy recuperation during braking facilitates more than a 20 percent energy savings.

“We’re excited to launch our Lithium-ion battery power solutions to the global market,” said Mr. Ning, Product Marketing Manager. “The BSLBATT Lithium-ion “all-water system” battery technology combines proven technology with an efficient battery management system. The combination is extremely powerful, translating into greater run times and increased productivity. Customers who are seeking to transition from lead-acid to Lithium-ion technology can also save considerably on overhead expenses, such as battery supply, chargers, and in some instances even fleet size.”

Additionally, BSLBATT Lithium Material Handling Battery can last up to three times longer than traditional energy storage units. Their extraordinary endurance and consistently higher efficiency rating can save on power costs. Furthermore, the new Lithium-ion battery solution is maintenance-free and does not emit gas. This capability eliminates the cost of battery upkeep, maintenance, and infrastructure needs, resulting in a lower fleet management cost depending on the application.

For example, fleet owners typically need at least three industrial lead-acid batteries per forklift to do a day’s work. When one runs out of juice they have to stop to swap it out, a difficult and time-consuming feat that creates a lot of downtimes. But when they switch to a lithium-ion battery, it goes in once and never leaves the forklift thanks to quick charging during normal work breaks. They achieve 100 percent fleet availability with fewer batteries and less related equipment (chargers, etc.).

“Moving forward, I think there will be more rapid adoption of lithium-ion electric technology within the industry,” a business development engineer at UL Maurice Johnson said. “We’re throwing the door open to having real, in-depth conversations about how to help manufacturers electrify their fleets and achieve an overall, better total cost advantage.”

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Our customers have been using this proven technology across many applications since 2012, resulting in maximized uptime and productivity in customers’ operations.


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