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solar Lead carbon batteries

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

Lead-carbon battery is a capacitive lead-acid battery, is evolved from the traditional lead-acid battery technology, it is in the lead-acid battery anode by adding activated carbon, can significantly improve the life of lead-acid batteries.

Lead-carbon battery is a new type of super-battery, is the lead-acid battery and super capacitor two in one: both play a super capacitor instantaneous high-capacity charging advantages, but also play a lead-acid battery than the energy advantage, and has a very Good charge and discharge performance - 90 minutes can be fully charged (lead-acid battery if so charge, put, life only less than 30 times). And because of the addition of carbon (graphene), to prevent the phenomenon of negative sulfide, improved battery failure in the past a factor, but also extended the battery life.


Lead carbon battery is the lead-acid battery innovation technology, compared with lead-acid battery has many advantages. Lead battery has the following advantages: First, charging fast, improve the charge speed of 8 times; Second, the discharge power increased by 3 times; Third, the cycle life increased to 6 times the number of cycle charge of 2000 times; Fourth, cost-effective, Acid battery prices have increased, but the cycle of life greatly improved; Fifth, the use of safe and stable, can be widely used in a variety of new energy and energy saving areas. In addition, the lead-carbon battery also play a lead-acid battery than the energy advantage, and has a very good charge and discharge performance - 90 minutes can be fully charged (lead-acid battery if this charge, put life only less than 30 Times). And because of the addition of carbon (graphene), to prevent the phenomenon of negative sulfide, improve the battery failure of a factor. 

1, positive and negative lead paste with a unique formula and optimized curing process. Positive electrode active material anti-softening ability, deep cycle life, active material utilization is high; negative lead paste anti-vulcanization ability, low capacity decay rate, low temperature start performance. 

2, the positive grid with a new type of special alloy and reasonable structural design, good corrosion resistance, reasonable current distribution, and the active material with close, high current performance and charging capacity. 

3, the use of new electrolyte additives, battery hydrogen, oxygen overpotential high, the battery is not easy to lose water. 

4, when the battery in the frequent instantaneous high current charge and discharge work, mainly by the capacitance of the carbon material to release or receive current, inhibit lead-acid battery "negative sulfation", effectively extending the battery life; 

5, when the battery is in a long time low current work, mainly by the sponge lead negative work, continue to provide energy; 

6, Lead-carbon super-composite electrode with high carbon content of the intervention, so that the electrode has a better than the traditional lead-acid battery low-temperature start-up capability, charging capacity and high current charge and discharge performance. 

Performance, the lead carbon battery at the same time with the characteristics of lead-acid batteries and capacitors. The addition of activated carbon enhances the power density of the battery and prolongs the cycle life. At the same time, because the activated carbon occupies part of the electrode space, the energy density is reduced and the electrode gas exchange rate may be increased. In the process, the addition of activated carbon, increasing the difficulty of mixing pulp and pole pieces. Overall, lead-carbon battery performance is better than ordinary lead-acid batteries, is an advanced lead-acid batteries, but also the development of lead-acid battery technology mainstream direction.


As a result of the use of lead-carbon technology, lead-carbon battery performance is far superior to the traditional lead-acid batteries can be used in new energy vehicles, such as: hybrid cars, electric bicycles and other fields; can also be used for new energy storage areas, Such as wind power storage and so on. Lead-carbon battery has a low price advantage similar to traditional lead-acid batteries and mature industrial manufacturing base, in a variety of applications have a strong competitive advantage. 


This hybrid technology enables rapid output and input of charge during vehicle acceleration and braking, and is particularly suitable for "stop-start" systems for micro-hybrid vehicles. Lead-carbon battery can improve the original lead-acid battery power, extend the service life.


Lead carbon battery is the most advanced technology in the field of lead-acid batteries, but also the development of new energy and energy industry focus, has a very broad application prospects. Energy storage battery technology is one of the key technologies to restrict the development of new energy storage industry. Photovoltaic power storage,wind power storage and power grid peak shaving and other energy storage areas, requiring the battery has a large power density, long cycle life and lower prices and so on. 

Lead carbon batteries, lithium-ion batteries and liquid battery is the new energy storage battery three major development direction. 

Among them, the lithium cost is relatively high, the consistency problem still exists; flow battery cost is also high; and lead carbon battery is relatively practical energy storage technology line. Ordinary lead-acid battery has a low cost advantage, but its short cycle life shortcomings, resulting in a higher number of unit storage costs. Lead carbon battery as a result of adding activated carbon, to prevent the phenomenon of negative sulfation, to extend the battery life, but also reduce the cost per unit of use in the field of new energy and energy storage development potential. 

Lead charcoal battery in the partial charge state of the cycle life and power charge and discharge performance has been greatly improved, coupled with the advantages of cost, greatly improving the lead carbon technology in various types of energy storage systems applications.

China is still in the primary stage of energy storage industrialization, in a variety of energy storage technology coexist state, whether it is lead carbon batteries, lithium batteries and liquid batteries, in different applications will have different advantages, the mainstream energy storage technology Will be selected by the market.