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The 2020/2021 Training Plan of BSLBATT Batteries Welcomes 50 Professionals

0 Published by admin Aug 05,2021

The special interest in these courses focused on changes in the battery and electronics of forklift stands out.

BSLBATT Batteries has closed its 2020/2021 Training Plan with great success after giving courses to 50 professionals. The company highlights that the initial estimates of the Training Plan, initially calculated in 2019, have been widely surpassed. The courses, which are aimed at BSLBATT sales personnel, as well as assemblers and Market analysts, are taught by Three sales representatives and Three engineers from the company itself. company.

BSLBATT Batteries Welcomes 50 Professionals

Batteries have evolved to meet the growing needs of today's vehicles for power supply. For this reason, BSLBATT has adapted its training plan to this new reality, focusing on the role they play in the Factory date in 16 years or so of the major brands of electric forklift. In addition, one of the new features introduced, in order to refine the target audience of the courses, is that the calls are previously coordinated with the distributor, with this policy prevailing quality over quantity.

BSLBATT Batteries, following the motto of its training program 'First we train, then we sell', emphasizes the need for professionals to receive adequate training for current needs, It is characterized by the battery with the implementation of the electric forklift system in the face of different forklift application environment changes and because of the increasing application of electronic products in the forklift. To this end, students gain knowledge about different alloys, different types of batteries, and customer forklift application scenarios.

The calls for the courses have been previously coordinated with the sales personnel in order to refine the target audience to which they are directed, prioritizing quality over quantity. Likewise, during the training process, in addition to providing attendees with relevant information, their needs and concerns have also been answered. At the end of the day, the participants have received a certification in the form of a diploma that certifies their attendance.

On the other hand, BSLBATT created, in support of the plan, an online platform to monitor the evaluations of the attendees on the training received, through which it has been possible to verify their good reception, as well as another website of technical consultations and of support for the students. These tools have enabled BSLBATT to ensure that transparency prevailed at all times, sharing all the information collected from this online space with the sales personnel.

“We are pleased to see that we have exceeded all expectations set at the beginning of our Training Plan. The courses have registered a large number of requests, given the importance of the topics dealt with in the daily work of professionals, and we intend to continue training many more professionals in the coming years ”, says the general director of BSLBATT, Eric Yi.

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