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Wisdom Power teams up with leading global truck OEM

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

Wisdom Power Announces Cooperative Engineering Project with the Leading Global Truck OEM to create World’s First 250 Amp/Hr. Ultra High-Performance Pure Lead AGM Battery.

Yutong Heavy Industry, China, August 29, 2019 – Wisdom Power Battery, a world leader in Pure Lead AGM battery technology, having developed the highest output batteries for the Heavy Duty truck market, is proud to announce the new 250 Amp/Hr. specifically for the Asia Heavy Duty truck market.

Wisdom power has a proven ability to meet highest customer needs in demanding applications with its Ultra-High-Performance Pure Lead AGM batteries and to tailor products to requirements in close cooperation with customers to create innovative solutions. Yutong heavy industry identified the need for a battery with higher reserve capacities, higher cranking power, and longer life to meet today’s evolving driver demands while at the same time providing greater reliability and reduced maintenance costs for its new Yutong heavy industry. Through a cooperative development project, Yutong heavy industry and Wisdom Power teams worked together, to create the world’s first Ultra-High-Performance Pure Lead AGM design, built-in Wisdom Power’s manufacturing plants in China.

Since early 2016, Wisdom Power products have been available to Yutong heavy industry customers in North China through both their Dongfeng and Jianghuai brands as an Original Equipment standard on truck platforms featuring the ParkSmart option. Today many fleets rely on the unmatched performance and reliability of Wisdom Power in North China and soon this same technology will be available in Asia

“The entire Wisdom Power team is proud to have worked alongside such a committed team at Yutong heavy industry to design a battery specific to the heavy-duty market in Asia. By working together, the team was able to focus on what the heavy-duty customers’ needs are today and will be in the years to come. Then in six short months, we went from concept to production batteries on tests in Yutong heavy industry. Now after nearly 3 years of testing, we are market-ready”

About Wisdom Power

Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd is a manufacturing and trading combo specialized in lead-acid and GEL batteries for more than 36 years. Owns production bases in Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangdong, and Vietnam (oversea base) with the global headquarter in Huizhou, China. The total production site is over 480,000 square meters and owns more than 23 production lines with an annual output of over 19 million kilowatt power. Our products are favored and recognized by leading global enterprises, which includes: AGM VRLA battery, hybrid gel storage batteries, OPzV battery, lead-acid motive batteries for electric vehicles.

Wisdom Power provides energy storage solutions for telecommunication, power utility, UPS and renewable energy industries globally. As batteries are the key fundamental energy storage solutions and considered as the last line of protection, our company assures that the products are robust and highly reliable.

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