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12V 150Ah Electric Vehicle Batteries

    They have reliable and sealed structure design and are free from leaking and acid mist diffusion. They can be placed and used in any directions reliably and safely.It can be used for 360 times at the temperature of 25℃, if maintained regulary, it can be u
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 Made by high grade alloy grid,pure electrolyte,low self discharging and water loss.

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◆ If maintained regulary, it can be used for 650 times.
◆ Made by special technology and material,capacity is more than 100%,specific energy reach 35-38wh/kg. ◆ The streamlined valve is specially designed in order to make the battery durable and reliable.
◆ It can be used for 360 times at the temperature of 25℃. ◆ In standard state DOD80% (new national standard) can cycle for 600-800 times.

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