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ENGIE to Complete Its First solar Energy Storage Project

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

ENGIE group unit ENGIE Energia Chile will install a 2MW/2MWh energy storage system in Arica, Chile, later this year.

The company selected a lithium-ion battery system from NEC Corp. for the project. NEC subsidiaries NEC Chile and NEC Energy Solutions will cooperate to provide the GSS grid storage solution, which includes the containerized batteries, power conversion system and control system.

“This energy storage project is the first step by ENGIE Energia Chile to establish a new energy storage business, in line with the change of the business strategy of the ENGIE group to invest less in traditional generating technologies and focus mainly on renewable energy," Axel Leveque, general manager of ENGIE Energia Chile, said in a May 9 statement.

According to NEC, the battery system will be connected to an existing substation and will be designed to provide ancillary services, such as spinning reserve and time-shifting, in order to help integrate solar PV and wind projects to the grid.


Lithium - ion 'will be more in the future instead of lead-acid battery, because it is environmental protection free from contamination, and cycles, and the volume and weight of the battery is lead-acid batteries to reduce half.This will be one of the breakthrough of the application of energy in the future, lithium battery will be used more and more people