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Invite all the guests to be invited

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

This is an invitation letter from Dubai. Please pay attention to it!

In March 6th, Huizhou Weston Technology Co., Ltd. will appear in the 2018 Middle East (Dubai) international electricity, lighting and New Energy Exhibition (MEE), about?


In 2018, the Middle East (Dubai) international power, lighting and New Energy Exhibition (MEE) was launched in 1975. It is the most influential and largest international power, lighting and new energy exhibition in the Middle East. Once a year, the scale is grand. With the steady development of international trade in the Middle East, the Middle East power show has attracted more and more professionals and senior people to visit. It has the reputation of "one of the five major industrial activities in the world".

Huizhou Smart Power Technology Co., Ltd. provides energy storage solutions for telecommunications, electric power, UPS, renewable energy and other industries around the world. Huizhou Smart Power Technology Co., Ltd. will display solar battery / vehicle battery / lead-acid battery /E-MOTIVE battery and new battery on -8 March 6th in Dubai International Exhibition Center, UAE. I hope to see you at the scene.

In this regard, we sincerely look forward to your visit.

Exhibition site: Dubai International Exhibition Center