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Solar battery for outdoor lights

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

Solar energy as a clean energy, the country strongly advocated. Outdoor has been popular used in solar cars, street lamps, solar traffic lights, and solar bulbs very direct , various forms proved very practical.


Solar street light consists of the following components: solar cells, solar batteries, controllers, light and poles. In the daytime solar cells to accept the sun to generate electricity, through the intelligent controller to charge the solar battery, the power stored in the solar deep cycle battery. When the dark of day, the intelligent controller to open the light source, Use of lighting and a few rainy days time, Depends on the size of the battery capacity, in the configuration, you can tell the lamp manufacturer, you use a few hours a day, continuous with a few rain day, According to actual condition to configure the size of the battery capacity, the battery manufacturers are usually two to three years warranty, after two years does not mean it can not be used again, insurance for two years, which means that manufacturers can guarantee that the situation within two years of normal use Under the two days to the last day, can also ensure that the lighting and rainy days and the time just after the installation is the same effect, If can not reach the effect. Manufacturer is a must to replace batteries or solar panels


Solar panels are generally guarantee more than fifteen years, good quality generally available 15-- 20 years, as a specific set of solar lights can be used for many years, this really did not specifically calculated.Particular case is particular use.