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How to extend the battery life of electric forklifts by 40%?

0 Published by admin Sep 28,2021

Forklift battery is the most important part of electric forklift. It has a decisive influence on the quality of work and the long-term efficiency of using the vehicle. Therefore, understanding electric forklift batteries is very practical for electric forklift users.

Also remember: electric forklift batteries account for 30% of the price of new electric forklifts. For second-hand electric forklifts in China, buying new batteries is more expensive than electric forklifts. So learning how to use electric forklift batteries is really valuable. On average, an electric forklift battery will last 6000 hours, about 5 years.

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Use forklift batteries correctly

Did you know that the correct use of forklift batteries can increase power by up to 40%? If so, it will help you further reduce the cost of use; improve the efficiency of the use of electric forklifts; reduce emissions to the environment; and improve work safety. You need to be trained to use forklift batteries properly. In this article, our battery engineers recommend 5 methods:

Don't let the electric forklift battery capacity be less than 20%

After 80% of the battery capacity is used, the electric forklift battery should be charged; for most batteries, that is the time from the meter discharge to the red zone of the next charge. Do not let the battery capacity fall below this 20%. Deep discharge is very detrimental to forklift batteries.

In the case of low battery capacity, the electrical components of the forklift will overheat. If repeated many times, it will damage the forklift, burn the parts and the motor. In addition, in the case of low battery capacity, the efficiency of electric forklifts is low. The hydraulic system and traction of the electric forklift are reduced. Whenever possible, you need to fully charge the battery; do not interrupt the battery charging process.

Do not charge the battery of an electric forklift to take advantage of the lunch break

A bad habit is to "charge" the forklift battery during a break. In the battery industry, this is called "lost opportunity to charge"! Please note that the battery life of electric forklifts is specified from the beginning of production. The number of recharges in the life of a forklift battery is only 1500. Of course, it is recommended for lead-acid batteries with a charging time of 4-8 hours. If you use lithium-ion batteries on an electric forklift, you should use the rest time to recharge the batteries for the next shift.

Whether it is a short charge or a full charge, there are only 1500 times. If you charge for a short time, you can only get a short time. So, why not fully charge the battery?

Regularly check the water level of the electric forklift battery

Water plays a very important role in the life and performance of electric forklift batteries. In the electrochemical process, water is broken down into H molecules and O. H is released at the cathode and O is released at the anode. Therefore, after multiple discharges, the water level in the battery will decrease.

Electric forklift battery and battery recycling using the most advanced technology

When the water surface does not cover the electrode, the electrode is exposed to the air. The active material on the electrode surface will become dry, brittle and permanently destroyed. Therefore, it is necessary to check and replenish distilled water every shift. Please note that you can only pour into the preset water level and do not overflow.

Fast charging is harmful to electric forklift batteries

Many people think that charging the battery quickly with a large current will quickly fully charge the battery. Remember, the temperature in the water tank and the charging current are always inversely proportional. At the same time, high-current fast charging will generate a lot of heat, reducing the life of electric forklift batteries. If you have to charge quickly under certain circumstances, please save it. In addition, it is strongly recommended to use a current regulating charger for the forklift battery.

Correct maintenance of electric forklift battery

One of the causes of rapid battery failure is sulfonation. This is a natural process. White sulfuric acid crystals attack the lead electrode; this adhesion to the surface reduces the charge and discharge potential. At this time, you need to call the battery technician to deal with it thoroughly.

If you want to check the battery performance, you need to use an electronic battery tester. The device will test the battery during the entire charge and discharge cycle. The cost is quite expensive, so it is not feasible for forklift battery users to purchase the equipment on their own; however, large forklift battery distribution companies will equip this equipment. You can ask them to check the cost of about 1 million.

As the battery performance decreases, your electric forklift will not be able to keep up. At this time, you should consider maintaining or repairing forklift batteries in accordance with American and Italian technology. However, if you have used it for 4-5 years (1500 recharges), you should replace your forklift battery.

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The above suggestions improve the economic benefits of using electric forklift batteries. At the same time, reduce costs and reduce vehicle downtime. So as to maintain high performance in the working environment. If you are interested in safe driving and operating instructions for forklifts, please contact us immediately. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you success in your work and life.