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lead carbon battery

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

As a new type of supercell, lead carbon battery combines the technology of lead batteries and supercapacitors. It is a dual function energy storage battery with both capacitive and battery characteristics.

Therefore, the battery not only has the advantages of the super-capacitor instantaneous power capacity charging, but also has the energy advantage of lead battery, which can be fully charged in an hour.


Compared with ordinary lead batteries, lead carbon batteries have the advantages of high charging and discharging, high cycle life, high cost performance and safety, and can be widely used in various new energy and energy saving fields.


Compared with lithium battery, lead carbon battery has the advantages of low temperature performance, low cost, mature production and recovery process, and the ratio performance is greatly improved.

At present, the industrialized application of lead carbon battery in energy storage area has begun to mature.

Technology lead, lead carbon battery advantage "unique"


Member of Chinese academy of sciences Yang believes that lead carbon micro battery can be successfully applied in city power grid, energy storage systems such as power stations, wind power street lamps, also can provide all kinds of electric vehicles with kinetic energy, is conforms to our country industry layout and manufacturing level of a storage battery.


The lead carbon battery proved Yang yusheng's point of view.

Due to the use of lead carbon technology, the performance of lead carbon batteries is far superior to that of conventional lead batteries, which can be applied to new energy vehicles, such as hybrid electric vehicles and electric bicycles.

It can also be used in new energy storage areas such as distributed energy storage and micro grid storage.

Lead carbon battery has the advantages of low price and mature industrial manufacturing base, which is close to the traditional lead battery, and has strong competitiveness in various application fields.


The advantages of lead carbon batteries are mainly reflected in the following aspects:


First of all, the positive and negative lead paste is made with unique formula and optimized curing process.

The active material has good anti-softening ability, good circulation life and high utilization rate of active material.

Negative lead paste has strong resistance to vulcanization, low capacity attenuation rate and good low temperature startup performance.


Second, the positive plate gate adopt new special alloy and a more reasonable structural design, good corrosion resistance, the current distribution is reasonable, close integration with the active material, large current charging performance and accept ability.


Thirdly, the new electrolyte additives are used, the hydrogen of the battery is analyzed, the oxygen is too high, and the battery is not easy to lose water.


Fourth, when the battery in instantaneous large current charge and discharge frequently work, mainly by the capacitance characteristics of carbon materials, release or receive current lead carbon battery at the same time has the characteristics of lead-acid batteries and capacitors.

The addition of activated carbon enhances the power density of the battery, inhibiting the "negative sulfuric acid salinization" of lead accumulator and effectively prolongs the service life of the battery.


Fifth, when the battery is in a long period of small current work, mainly by the sponge lead negative work, continuously provide energy.


Sixth, the high carbon content of super composite electrode is involved, so that the electrode has a better low-temperature starting capacity, charging acceptance capacity and large current charging and discharging performance than conventional lead batteries.