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Meet the BSLBATT® Sales Team | BSLBATT Battery Company

0 Published by admin Jun 08,2022

At BSLBATT®, we are committed to making every industrial vehicle driver in the world enjoy the extraordinary experience brought by the outstanding performance of BSLBATT batteries. By developing innovative, high-efficiency lithium battery solutions that deliver on our commitment to reliability, performance and freedom, we know we can achieve our customers' long-term energy goals—while making the planet a better place.

Meet our world class Sales Team. Our BSLBATT® sales team is a group of highly experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and background in the motive power industry. Not only can they provide excellent guidance throughout the partnership process, but also our sales team acts as consultants, providing advice and information that will lead you to make the best decisions for your business. They know the demand that is placed on our clients and they strive to find a way to turn them into winners.

Allow us to introduce (and for some of our long-term customers, re-introduce) our BSLBATT® sales team. We are much more than just a voice on the other end of the phone; we are individuals with industry knowledge, expertise, and a whole lot of personality.


Meet the BSLBATT® Sales Team

Eric Yi, CEO and President of Sales

Eric has over 20 years of experience in the battery business. Previously, I have done many projects to develop power applications. Eric hopes to work with the team to turn BSLBATT into a well-known lithium battery brand, and hopes that our team can bring customers the best lithium battery services and solutions!

Away from BSLBATT Battery, Eric Yi enjoys the outdoors, time with family, mission trips, and catching a badminton race.

Bella Chen – Europe, Middle East and Africa Sales Director

Bella I grow up from an ordinary sales to Top sales, EMEA Sales manager, have my own team-Super Power Team on 2019, and became one of shareholders in this company on 2020. After calculating all training that I had taken part in, total training time would over 1 year in last 7 years. Including sales, leaders courses. Some training had took continues 90 days for one phase. Keep learning, keep growing!

Bella love BSLBATT lithium batteries, which is meaningful and bring more convenient to our customers, also as a very important part of new clean energy.  

Felix Du –  APAC Pacific, Thailand and Vietnam Sales Manager

Felix has over 20 years in the battery industry and has worked with lead-acid, Gel, and AGM batteries before stepping into the world of lithium with BSLBATT. Felix Du enjoys working with people, he thrives in a team environment. He enjoys building relationships both personally and professionally. Felix Du has a strong desire to learn and understand your business needs to ensure that BSLBATT Battery meets those needs. Yet he will also enjoy getting to know you and even your family.

One reason you enjoy working at BSLBATT®: The people at Hawker and offering the best products in the industry.

Kary Chen – West Europe, Germany & Netherlands Sales Director

Kary Chen brings us 8 years of battery knowledge and offers a great understanding of how BSLBATT lithium batteries work with each application. Kary‘s passion is to help you choose most moderate products that suits your local market, selling more than 2-3 times profits than your earlier do.

One reason you enjoy working at BSLBATT®: Working with our dealers and customers to provide technology-based solutions.

Haley Ning – Director of Marketing

Haley Ning joined the BSLBATT Battery team in 2018. He is based in Huizhou and handles all aspects of the company’s website, marketing materials, distributor support programs, and management of all trade show exhibitions. In addition to he has experience in organizing, assisting and hosting brand campaigns for JD listed companies, he also have experience in marketing and social media. Over 5 years customer service experience in public facing roles.

One reason you enjoy working at BSLBATT®: Product innovation

Pear Huang – APAC Pacific Sales Manager

Pear joined BSLBATT Battery in December 2012 as APAC Pacific Sales Manager with over 12 years’ experience in sales management and business development roles. Pear is responsible for setting and delivering sales strategies across our business and developing an industry-leading sales team. But his battery industry background is extensive, with over 12 years of knowledge and experience.

One reason you enjoy working at BSLBATT®: The BSLBATT Battery Team

Mia Cui – AMER Territory Manager

Mia is excited to join the BSLBATT Battery Company team after a ten year sales career with EVE. Mia has a genuine passion for people, and for helping his customers solve their problems. Much like the BSLBATT Battery Company culture, the key to Mia’s success is living life by the golden rule (treating others how she’d want to be treated). Mia has a servant’s heart and his #1 goal is providing each customer with an ideal solution for their Long-Term Energy Goals needs. Outside of work, Mia’s passions are serving God and spending quality time with his family.

One reason you enjoy working at BSLBATT®: The team camaraderie

Vivian Chen – AMER Territory Manager

Years in the Motive Power Industry: 4 years

Vivian is a passionate, curious and empathetic person. She will use these characteristics to really understand the customer's world and the efficient lithium battery solution that best fits those parameters. Before joining the BSLBATT team, she was an Associate Electric Forklift Professional. Vivian works closely with our network of dealers and distributors.

One reason you love working at BSLBATT®: I really enjoy the opportunity to represent industry-leading technologies and work with a network of forklift dealers to bring those technologies to market.

Bebinca Wu – AMER Territory Manager

Bebinca has been in the manufacturing business for almost 10 years and brings to BSLBATT battery Company‘s Applications Department a wealth of knowledge. Bebinca keeps servicing the customer with excellent service in the AMER market, and aims to provide the best service experience to all the customers.  With extensive engineering, product management and OEM experience in the lead-acid - flooded, Gel and AGM battery industry, Bebinca joined BSLBATT and is an account representative for several large BSLBATT customers, both OEM and aftermarket.

One reason you enjoy working at BSLBATT®: We have a great product line and I enjoy working in a team environment.

Anthony-Guan – AJAK Pacific Sales Manager

Anthony-Guan has worked in the lithium battery power industry for the past 15 years. Responsible for developing BSLBATT battery business throughout Japan and Korea. He worked for many years at our partner Shenzhen Shuori New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (SRNE), focusing on developing aftermarket and OEM sales of BSLBATT batteries.

Anthony-Guan enjoys getting to know people and providing solutions that help them become more streamlined and effective. He appreciates their desire to do away with downtime and increase productivity so they can generate increased revenue.

One reason you enjoy working at BSLBATT®: Our products (being an industry leader in LiFePo4 technology) and the people.

We are very proud of our sales team and the efforts they make to build relationships with our dealers and customers. As you consider motive power companies to partner with, we hope that you will reach out to the BSLBATT team for all of your motive power needs.

If you need new or replacement industrial batteries, replacement forklift batteriescharger products, maintenance or technical advice, we have 118 BSLBATT® Authorized Sales and Service Distributors worldwide. BSLBATT® is the ideal choice for all major businesses worldwide using material handling vehicles.

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