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Thin Plate Pure Lead Forklift Batteries vs. Lithium Ion

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

Lead-acid forklift batteries

Electric lift trucks made up 64 percent of the U.S. forklift market last year; by now, it’s likely that some (or all) of your fleet runs on lead-acid battery power.

If you’re looking for a replacement forklift battery that is low-maintenance and fast-charging, but don’t want to spend the money for lithium-ion, consider a thin plate pure lead battery. Unlike a lead-acid battery that requires frequent watering, a thin plate battery does not need to be watered or equalized, and (in most cases) they cost 50% less than lithium-ion.

When you’re used to seeing electric forklifts zip around a facility every day, it’s easy to take their power source for granted. However, the lead-acid forklift battery is worth considering in some detail. It’s a fascinating technology, and understanding the basic science behind forklift batteries will help you implement effective battery maintenance programs and improve the efficiency of your entire fleet.

A thin plate lead battery can charge to 100% capacity in less than one and a half hours for Class III applications, and in five hours for Class I. Thin plate lead batteries are the superior choice for opportunity or fast charging and offer greater capacity for longer run time between charges. 

Lead-acid forklift batteries provide voltage between two output terminals with a series of electrochemical reactions. Here’s how the process works:

Three substances interact within the cell of a lead-acid forklift battery:

○ Plates of lead dioxide.
○  Plates of pure, soft lead called “spongy lead.”
○ An electrolyte mixture of sulfuric acid and water.


8 Reasons to Choose Thin Plate Industrial Batteries
BULLSPOWER thin plate batteries from Wisdom Power have many advantages over standard lead-acid batteries. Many of the benefits are the same as lithium-ion, but at a much lower cost. Thin plate industrial batteries offer more up time, less maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than conventional batteries. Here are a few other benefits:

Half the cost of lithium-ion
 No watering or changing- virtually maintenance-free
○ No damage due to partial charging- ideal for opportunity charging
○ A safer workplace - no exposure to acid
○ Longer service life- extremely-resistant to vibration and shock
○ Save money on electric bills- high-efficiency, low overcharge requirement
○ More eco-friendly- up to 98% of each battery is recyclable
○ Fast charging- fully-charged in 90 min or less for Class I applications and five hours for Class III

Thin Plate Pure Lead Vs. Lithium-ion Forklift Batteries
BULLSPOWER thin plate batteries typically cost 50% less than lithium-ion batteries. Also, unlike lithium, BULLSPOWER pure lead batteries offer greater capacity for longer run time between charges and (depending on the depth of discharge) can offer similar cycle ability as lithium. Lastly, by choosing thin plate pure lead, buyers can also avoid the hazardous disposal costs associated with lithium-ion batteries.

Use them when you want. Charge them when you can.
Conventional lead acid batteries can take eight hours or more to recharge, and that doesn’t include cool-down time. Frequent watering and battery changes add even more downtime.

Thin plate industrial batteries can be opportunity charged during breaks or at the end of a shift. The time saved from eliminating battery changeouts can reduce your total cost of ownership by 37% compared to conventional lead acid batteries. Thin plate batteries also offer a maintenance-free lifecycle of up to 200% longer than conventional sealed lead-acid batteries.

Both Wisdom power® and bullspower battery chargers enable batteries to be charged at extremely high rates throughout the day without negative effects on battery life. The modular construction adapts to a wide range of battery capacities, allowing potential reduction of the number of chargers in a fleet. Charger modules are automatically switched on and off based on the charge cycle requirements for additional cost savings.

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