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24V lead acid industrial forklift battery

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

Forklift batteries as forklifts, tractors, truck DC power supply, underground mining locomotives and other equipment, widely used in airports, railway stations, ports, vegetable and fruit market, factory warehouses and other places. Forklift Battery refers to the battery to battery forklift operations. Electric forklift battery is built-in such batteries. The battery is a battery, its role is limited energy can be stored for use in the right place. Its working principle is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. It should be noted: The battery should not be placed horizontally! Because the internal battery is generally 22 to 28% sulfuric acid. When the battery is put plates and the electrolyte can drown if left little space horizontally, then the battery will be part of the electrode plate exposed to the air, which is very detrimental to the battery plates, and general observation hole or battery top of the battery has vent and the outside world, so the battery electrolyte easily flows out horizontally.
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Forklift Battery structural characteristics

Polyester fiber pipes, good elasticity, small aperture, low resistance, high permeability; completely insulated flexible cable, no leakage current bounce off the top surface of the plug valve structure, with special electrolyte level indicator; equipped with the automatic water pouring cap; the use of imported high-quality ramp-like microporous separator, high porosity and low resistance with PP battery case, cover material, impact resistance;

Forklift Battery Type

1, lead-acid batteries
Lead-acid batteries for more than 100 years of history, is widely used as a power source for starting an internal combustion engine vehicles.
2, nickel-cadmium batteries
At present, the extent of application of nickel-cadmium batteries after the lead-acid battery energy density up to its 55W · h / kg, the specific power of more than 190W / kg, fast charging, long life cycle, lead-acid batteries twice more, up to 2000 times, but the price of lead-acid batteries 4-5 times.
3, nickel-hydrogen storage
Nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries, as also are alkaline batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries and their characteristics are similar but NiMH batteries contain cadmium, copper, there is no heavy metal pollution.
4, the sodium-sulfur battery
Sodium-sulfur battery is generally optimistic about the near future of electric vehicle batteries. High-temperature sodium-sulfur battery mainly serious corrosion, shorter battery life. Performance stability and the use of security and other issues less than ideal.
5, zinc-air battery
Potential energy than the zinc-air battery in 200w · h / kg or so. It is currently surviving on life is short, less than the power, can not output high current charging hard and other shortcomings
6, flywheel battery
Flywheel battery is a new concept proposed by battery 90 years before it broke through the limitations of chemical batteries, physically implement energy storage.
7, the fuel cell
The fuel cell is a chemical stored in the fuel and oxidant through the electrode reaction directly into electrical energy generating device. It does not undergo heat engine process, without limiting thermodynamic cycle, so the high energy conversion efficiency.

Forklift battery performance

Long life; deep discharge cycle performance and resilience hesitation; reliable sealing structure, normally there is no leakage; short-circuit proof design to maximize battery short circuit to prevent automatic watering system and a gas mixing system

Forklift Battery safe use and maintenance of the six points

Routine inspection
1, the liquid level: below the nominal level, will shorten battery life, but will result in too little liquid electrolyte battery heat damage, therefore, must always pay attention to the adequacy of the electrolytic solution.
2, terminal, wire, cover: You must always check the battery terminal junction, and junction wire due to corrosion caused by oxidation, and check whether the deformation of the lid, if there is fever phenomenon.
3, Appearance: dirty surface will cause the battery drain, so that the battery surface should be clean at all times, and dried.