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characteristics of Valve Regulated Sealed lead-acid battery

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

product characteristics of Valve Regulated AGM lead acid battery

1.Apply unique labyrinth type pole column structure and multiple sealing technology,sealing is reliable.

2.Apply lean solution design,oxygen circulation compound ability is excellent,sealing effect efficiency is high.

3.Special corrosion resistant rich tin and poor calcium grid alloy,single polar plate applies larger capacity and long life design,specific energy of battery is high.

4.Apply raw materual,electrolyte and additive with high purity,self-dischargerate is low.

5.Apply flame retardant ABS sell,strength of shell is good,impact resistance,thermal resistance complies with requirements of GB2408-2008.

6.Apply compound ultra fine glass fibre partition,itsinner resistance is low,high ratio discharge performance is good.

7.Apply special additive formulation and electrolyte formulation,utilization ratio of active material is high,charging acceptance capability is strong,with good recovery performance after deep discharging.