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Metro vehicle storage battery

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

Battery is a metro vehicle auxiliary power supply system is an important device, as the train control equipment and various emergency lighting standby power, to protect the main train control system security and stability. Metro vehicle electrical system design, determine the battery box and battery pack design parameters of the electrical system is an important subsystem. In metro vehicles special operating mode, as an emergency power supply load.

Product characteristics of Valve Regulated
Sealed Lead-Acid Battery (VRLA) for Metro
Plate grid is casted with lead,calcium,tin,aluminium and silver compound alloy,hydrogen evolution potential is high,self-discharging rate is low.

Apply lean solution design which is beneficial to inner oxygen compound cycle.

Apply colloid electrolytic,added with special additive,protect against short circuit caused by dendrite in inner part of battery,forbid softening of active matter,protect against falling,and then improve application life of battery.

Safe flame retardant sell material,flame retardant performance complies with requirements of UL94 and DIN5510-2.

Patent design applies double sealing structure,apply  high performance epoxy resin sealant, the shell can withstand internal or external pressure of 55kpa after shell is sealed.No residual deformation exists after pressure release,shell sealing is reliable.