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2V 600ah Tubular gel battery (OPzV series)

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

(OPzV  series) self-discharge is very low, the use of high-quality materials,  self-discharge rate of ≤ 1.5%, the use of colloidal electrolytes, heat  capacity, heat resistance, suitable for harsh environments (40 ~ 60 ℃) Cycle performance and deep discharge recovery capability, without  water maintenance, gas composite efficiency higher than 95%, long life,  floating charge design life of 20 years.

Normal  floatation, stable capacity, low decay rate, excellent sealing  performance, no gas infiltration, no pollution to the environment. It is  an environment-friendly product with excellent safety performance,  special partition, high porosity, low resistance and low internal  resistance. Copper pole, to ensure the safe discharge of large current without  heating, solid gel electrolyte concentration distribution, no  delamination phenomenon, product reliability, fire retardant safety  valve effectively prevent external fire or sparks.



Product Features
1. Electrolyte: the use of German fumed silica production, the  electrolyte in the finished battery was gel state, no flow, so no  electrolyte leakage and electrolyte layering phenomenon.
2.  Plate: positive plate with tube plate, which can effectively prevent  the loss of live material, positive plate skeleton by the multi-alloy  die-casting molding, corrosion resistance, long service life. Negative plate for the paste-type plate, a special grid structure  designed to improve the utilization of live materials and high-current  discharge capacity, charge acceptance.
3. Battery shell: ABS material, corrosion-resistant, high strength,  beautiful appearance, with the lid sealing high reliability and no  potential leakage risk.
4. Safety valve: a special safety valve structure, the appropriate  on-off valve pressure, reducing the loss of water, to avoid the battery  shell expansion, rupture and electrolyte dry phenomenon.
5. Baffle: The European AMER-SIL company imports special porous PVC-SiO2 partitions, the separator hole rate, low resistance.
6. Terminal: Copper-based lead-based pole has a greater current carrying capacity and corrosion resistance.


The following is a BULLSPOWER OPZV GEL battery 2V 600ah customer shipments of the picture




BULLSPOWER-OPZS-OPZV-Tubular-gel-batteryl.jpg OPZV-Tubular-gel-battery-terminal.jpg

Our factory won CHIINA TOWER Telecom tender with amount more than USD 47 millions using our BPL, BPLG &OPzV series  battery.