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bullspower solar gel lead-acid battery

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

Colloidal lead-acid battery is a liquid electrolyte of the ordinary lead-acid battery improvement, with a colloidal electrolyte instead of sulfuric acid electrolyte, safety, storage capacity, discharge performance and service life than the average battery has improved.

1 good deep cycle ability, has a good overcharge and over discharge capacity.

2 long life, special process design and colloidal electrolyte to ensure the long life of such batteries.

3 for different environmental requirements, colloidal solar batteries, requiring high altitude, high temperature, low temperature and other different conditions can be normal use.

Colloidal battery excellent characteristics

1, can significantly extend the battery life. According to the literature, you can extend the life of 2-3 times the battery.

2, colloidal lead-acid battery self-discharge performance has been significantly improved in the same sulfuric acid purity and water quality, the battery storage time can be extended more than 2 times.

3, colloidal lead-acid batteries in the case of severe power shortage, anti-sulfide performance is obvious.

4, colloidal lead-acid batteries in the case of severe discharge of the recovery ability.

5, colloidal lead-acid battery anti-overcharge ability, through the two lead-acid batteries (a gel lead-acid batteries, a VRLA battery) also repeated several times overcharge test, colloidal lead-acid battery capacity Decreased slowly, and VRLA batteries because of excessive water consumption, its capacity decreased significantly.

6, colloidal lead-acid battery discharge performance was significantly improved.


1, the communication system: switches, microwave stations, mobile base stations, data centers, radio and broadcasting stations.

2, power plants and power transmission system;

3, solar and wind power systems

4, the signal system and emergency lighting system

5, EPS and UPS systems

Maintenance method


Often keep the appearance of the battery and the working environment clean, dry state.

Clean the battery should avoid static electricity;

Clean the battery with a damp cloth, prohibit the use of gasoline, alcohol and other organic solvents, do not use these substances cloth wipe the battery.

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