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Automobile storage battery assembly process

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

 A cluster Welding: tools and materials: Cluster mold, positive and negative plates, lead pole, lead, oxygen, welding and the like. Process objective: the positive and negative plates are securely welded.


Second, Shell drilling tools and materials: drilling machines, gas supply, steel ruler, wrench, welded positive electrode plate, battery shell. Technology Objectives: Cluster tandem positioning drilling.

Third, the plug plate tool material: welded positive electrode plate group, the negative electrode plate group. Process objective: correct insertion plate, complete cluster combination.

 Fourth, the installation of the separator tool material: with a good set of clusters, partitions. Process objective: to live every piece suit separator positive electrode plate.

 Fifth, the cluster tool fitted tank material: mounted cluster drilling and casing of the battery slot cover. Process objective: the cluster serially into the slot, plus or minus three-hole lead member and steady cooperation.

Sixth, wear wall welding: <1> Machinery Welding tools and materials: already installed battery casing wear wall welding machine, hydraulic machine, wrenches, power supplies. Process objective: fast high-quality cluster tandem welding.

Hand soldering tools and materials: the mounted battery casing through the wall holder, welding equipment and so on. Process objective: positive and negative lead member firm welding.

Seven cell envelope tool material: laminator, AC220V voltage power supply when the battery enclosure. Process objective: the battery slot reclosable seal securely.

Eight pole welding tools and materials: the envelope has a battery pole welding mold, lead, pliers, welding equipment and so on. Process objective: the pole and the pole cover firmly welded.

Nine, airtight check <1> mechanical inspection tools and materials: airtight detector to be detected battery, AC220V power supply, gas supply and so on. Process objective: to quickly and accurately check out every single cell tightness.

<2> manual detection tools and materials: airtight detection table, battery to be detected, the gas source. Process objective: to accurately detect every single cell tightness.

Summary: There are four car batteries step in the production process, plate, assembly, acid, charging.



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