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Car battery supplier material decryption

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

Some Insufficient Battery,Use Less plates,So,Battery is insufficient capacity.the price is very cheap.

Our battery inside,With high quality pure lead plate,Our  genuine, 100%  full capacity.So,You can rest assured to buy bullspower battery.


automobile battery Construction



Plate stacking-1



Grouping the plates in this way serves to enlarge the surface area between the active materials and the electrolyte, thus allowing a greater amount of electricity to be supplied.

Plate stacking-2

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F:\官网设计页面\软文\20169月新文章\images\Car battery plate Seperator.jpg

1.Strict control the shape and the weight for each seperator.


2.Choose PE material.


3.Adopt he expand way,
To protect nature, concentrated distribution of power



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Plate name:
M: Maintenance battery free plates
Q: Dry charged Car battery plates

M12= 12 ah per plate

Lead Alloy

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Our formula advantages:

1.Larger electrolyte reserve area above the plates.

2.Higher Cold Cranking Amp ratings.
3.Little or No maintenance.


Tin(Sn) concentration are more important.

1.Function: To increase the alloy mobility, enhance the corrosion resistance of plates and the conductivity.

2.Some factories in fujian choose:Sn:0.6% -08% (+), Yuasa also choose 1.2%-1.5% (+).

Auto machines

These machines can assemble 80ah 1500 pcs in 8 hours.



F:\官网设计页面\软文\20169月新文章\images\Automobile batteries Electrolyte.jpg

1.According to standard: JB/T 10052-2010.

2.Acid density:1.27-1.28/20 ℃.

3.Battery electrolyte is a mixture of 36% sulfuric acid (SO4) and 64% distilled water (H20).

Battery case

F:\官网设计页面\软文\20169月新文章\images\BULLSPOWER AUTOMOTIVE BATTERY CASE.jpg

1.Choose PP material.

2.To resist high termperature and crash-proof.
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