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Deep Cycle solar battery Applications

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

Deep Cycle solar battery Applications
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Choosing the right battery is more than just comparing cost or Ah (amp-hour ratings). Choosing the right battery for your applications is important to improve the life usage as well as the overall performance of your system.

There are mainly two usages for batteries: floating or cycling. For floating, the battery does not need to have deep cycling capabilities and is only used when there is a power cut. Cycling is whenever the battery is under a discharge-charge which result in one cycle.

The more cycle the battery does, the shorter the battery life will be. That is why common battery used for floating applications are not suited for deep cycling. While it is true that the initial cost is lower, you will have to replace the battery much quicker.  

Considering the above elements, Wisdom Power has been working to improve the cycle life of our batteries by using and improving existing technologies by making them more affordable and more reliable. From the Hybrid Gel technology to the Tubular Gel technology, we are now able to produce batteries that can have more than 2500 cycles at 50% Depth of Discharge.

We have proven track records of our batteries which have been used for many years in harsh environment like Vietnam or Pakistan.