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How to choose bullspower gel battery and lead acid battery

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

The main advantages and disadvantages of GEL batteries and lead-acid batteries,

When high-energy GEL batteries and lead-acid batteries are purchased, such pictures often appear. In the end, whether to buy high-concentration gel batteries or lead-acid batteries, it seems that the functions of these two products are very similar, so when the merchants buy There will be a situation of hesitation, which one must buy.

1. Environmental performance: This product uses high molecular weight silica gel electrolyte instead of sulfuric acid to solve the problem of environmental pollution such as acid mist overflow and interface corrosion that existed during production and use, and the electrolyte of scrapped polymerized silicon storage battery It can be used as fertilizer, no pollution, easy to handle, and the battery grid can be recycled.

2, charging acceptance: charging acceptance is an important technical indicator to measure the battery. The high-concentration gel battery can be charged with a current of 0.3-0.4CA, and the normal charging time is 3-4 hours, which is only 1/4 of the charging time of the lead-acid battery. It can also be quickly charged with a current value of 0.8-1.5CA. The fast charging time is <1 hour, which has exceeded the 0.5 hour rate. When charging at high current, the high-concentration gel battery has no obvious temperature rise and does not affect electrolyte characteristics and battery life. The fast charging characteristics of high-concentration colloidal batteries have broad application prospects for industries that require rapid charging.

3. High current discharge characteristics: Corresponding to the charging capacity, the discharge capacity of the battery is also an extremely important technical indicator. A battery with a rated capacity can be discharged in a shorter period of time, indicating that the discharge performance is stronger. The battery discharge standard for domestic communication is 10 hours, and the power battery is 5 hours. The high-concentration colloidal storage battery has a good internal resistance and a large current discharge characteristic, and can be generally discharged with a current value of 0.6-0.8CA. The short-term discharge capacity of the power battery is required to be as high as 15-30CA. Tested by the National Battery Quality Inspection Center, the discharge capacity of the high-concentration colloidal battery at 2 hours has reached the international advanced level.