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Lead carbon battery Cost-Effective choice than Lithium ion battery

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

Introduction to lead - carbon battery

Lead Carbon is the combine of lead-carbon dual function negative pole plate which makes of both dual electric layer capacitance carbon material © and lead (pb) to achieve the capacitance & battery feature ,then the lead – carbon battery is assembled by lead-carbon negative pole plates and positive ploe plate.


BULLSPOWER lead carbon battery 60% DOD can discharge 1800 times; 80% DOD can discharge 1000 times.

carbon black.jpg

carbonSurface area(m2/g)
Capacitance (F / g)
ConductivityPore amount (cc / g)
graphite1- 201-5+++0-0.1
Carbon black50-17005-100+++0.1-0.3
Activated carbon500-200050-200++0.5-1.3

Different types of carbon and basic characteristics

Performance improvement of lead carbon battery

a. Improve extreme temperature tolerance

b. Lead - Carbon battery: high temperature characteristics

c. Lead - Carbon battery: Charging capacity

d. Lead carbon battery: Charging time and discharge depth

e. How does carbon join improve the cycling performance in the partially charged state (PSOC)?

f. Ericsson cycle test

g. BULLSPOWER Lead carbon battery excellent cycle performance (25 degrees and 35 degrees)

h. BULLSPOWER Lead - carbon battery characteristics summary

Improve extreme temperature tolerance

low temperature characteristics: Carbon battery compared to the rich liquid storage battery and the traditional ordinary valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, with good low-temperature discharge performance Carbon material has a large available surface


As shown above, at -20 degrees, ordinary lead-acid batteries can only release 50% of the rated capacity, while the BULLSPOWER lead carbon battery at the same temperature, you can release 66% of the rated capacity. This means that BULLSPOWER carbon cells compared to ordinary lead-acid batteries at -20 degrees temperature, can provide more than 16% of the capacity.

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