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Installing a Solar Energy Power System for Your Home

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

How it Works

A typical BULLSPOWER system includes solar panels, an inverter for converting electricity between direct current and alternating current, a meter for measuring battery charge, and in backup applications, a secondary circuit that powers key appliances. Which components are required depends on how you use your home battery.

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Solar panels
Panels convert sunlight into electricity that charges BULLSPOWER and powers your home during the day. Without solar, Powerwall can reduce time of use power bills by strategically shifting energy consumption.

The home battery is charged with electricity generated by solar panels or from the utility grid.



The inverter converts direct current electricity from solar panels, the grid and BULLSPOWER into the alternating current used by your home's lights, appliances and devices.

All BULLSPOWER installations require
a compatible inverter. To maximize solar consumption, a meter is also installed to measure solar production and home energy use.

Electrical Panel

Electricity from the inverter is sent to your home's electrical panel. For applications without solar, and night time, electricity generated by the power company is sent from the electrical panel to the inverter to charge the BULLSPOWER.


Backup panel and switch

Some backup installations may require a secondary electrical panel containing the critical appliances and outlets you wish to back up. An electrical switch automatically activates the backup panel during a power company outage.

When installed with solar, this switch can keep your solar producing during an outage. Backup is an optional feature when installing to maximize solar or shift energy consumption.