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Lead acid battery drain you know the damage

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

Lead acid battery drain you know the damage

1, the loss of basic functions

From the principle of valve-regulated lead-acid battery, it can be concluded that with the loss of acid solution, the internal chemical reaction cannot be maintained inside the battery, that is, the corresponding energy cannot be converted and stored, and the basic function of the battery is not provided. When the power grid is abnormal, it is unable to release enough energy, which is likely to cause the output load to be powered down, so that the UPS cannot function to ensure the uninterrupted power supply of the important load.

2, corrosion risk

The internal liquid of the battery contains sulfuric acid, which is a strong corrosive chemical. It has strong irritating and corrosive effects on human skin, mucous membranes and other tissues. Vapor or fog can cause conjunctivitis, conjunctival edema, corneal opacity, resulting in blindness and respiratory irritation. In severe cases, dyspnea and pulmonary edema, etc., even cause more chronic effects, environmental hazards, and explosion hazards.

3, the risk of fire

If the battery leaks acid, it will cause less acid inside the battery, and the internal resistance will be large when charging and discharging, which will generate a large amount of heat. The heat will increase the floating charge current, and the current will increase the temperature, which will eventually lead to thermal runaway. Belly, in the long run, the heat accumulated inside will cause burning and cause greater danger.

4. Risk of electric shock

The battery is usually placed on the battery holder, and the battery is heavy, only the metal frame can bear the corresponding weight. The acid solution contains lead sulfate and lead metal, which conduct electricity, and the battery is usually connected to a strong electric power in actual use. At this time, if you accidentally touch the appearance of the battery rack/cabinet, there is a risk of electric shock, which brings personal safety problems.

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