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OPzV solar battery Research and development

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

12V VRLA Battery & 2V OPzV Battery


DOD=Depth of discharge, 100%DOD= use all of battery power, 50%DOD= use half of battery power.
100%DOD cycle times= if use full battery power each day

2V Long Life Battery & 2V OPzV Battery


Performance: OPzV Battery are better than other type batteries.
The cost price of each day: OPzV battery are less than other type batteries.
Warranty: OPzV Battery are longer than other type batteries.

2V Tubular Gel battery(OPzV) CharactersQQ截图20160119180058.jpg

Company Ability

Founded in 1982, the registered capital is 280 million RMB.
Three production bases:hunan,hubei, jiangxi province.
Factory area: more than 150 thousands square meters.
BULLSPOWER provide:All models of AGM battery,
GEL Battery,Deep Cycle battery, Long Life battery, OPzV battery.
Annual production capacity: More than 3 million kva.
2014 Annual output value: More than 1 billion RMB.
Certificates: CE, ISO9001, ISO14001.
Supporting Services: OEM/ODM.

Create value for customers; For the welfare of employees; Contribute to society!


Battery have longer life


Evonik degussa-AEROSIL A200

Choose Evonik degussa AEROSIL A200 as the main material, After using treatment agent, with pure water wetting, dispersing. Special additives, reactor by activation treatment, which can be reconstructed the thixotropic colloid by high shear mixing.
PVC-SiO2 dedicated gel battery separator


Choose Amo Sill company's PVC-SiO2 dedicated gel battery separator, the diaphragm aperture moderate, high porosity, long cycle life,

high temperature resistance and resist to

over charged

High Safety Product

The unique structure and multiple sealing technology
To ensure that under vibration,battery do not have leakage.

Value-regulated sealed structure

Safety valve has the function of the automatic balancing battery internal gas pressure, explosion-proof, safe and reliable.

Battery container with super strong ABS materials
Effectively guarantee the battery resistance to vibration impact


Positive and negative column without short circuit hidden dangers Battery use oxygen acetylene melting connection, connector's conductive performance is superior, the pressure drop is small, positive and negative electrode column without short circuit.图片3.jpg

Battery have longer life
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