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NEW Product-Pure Lead Long Life Battery

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

NEW Product-Pure Lead Long Life Battery

Wisdom powerto launch a new series - pure lead batteries, more accord with standard of battery, long service life.with 8 years and 5 million USD investment,Wisdom Power has invented a new generation Hi-tech environmentally product-Pure lead battery,providing better battery performance、longer life、and advantage price  performance for user.

Pure-lead-batteries_03.jpgour advantages:Obtained 5 in invention patents,More than 10 innovative Technologies in Production Process;
the first automatic production factory in China;Model enterprise in environment protection.

Technical features:
longer service life(for standby use);
Excellent high rate performance;
Special thermal runaway defense system design;
four layers structure design to prevent battery leakage;
Innoative connecting copper strip;
Better cost performance;
Higher reliability.

Telecommunication\Emergency power supply system\Computer alternative power\vending machine\Data Center\BTS and so on.

Promise in longer Warranty

4 layers construction to Avoid leakage
4-fold terminal sealing to avoid leaking