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Our outdoor picnic

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

On 30th March, our sales team of Wisdom Power went outdoors for barbecues activities. Which is really an excellent thing that firstly we’re aim to thank for the team getting outstanding performance in March; Secondly it’s a great chance for the team enjoying happiness and relaxing; Thirdly we gave the experienced colleague Kary a surprise and celebrated her 5 years anniversary working in Wisdom Power. We’re a strong teamwork at all times.


During that weekend, we played several games with excitement. Then arranged the surprise and gifts for Kary. At last we sat down and started for BBQ. There were many vegetables and meats for eating and we had a pleasant time all days. 


Meanwhile, we also shared the experience of helping customer buying the right batteries-VRLA battery, Deep Cycle battery and LiFePO4 battery with professional solution.


After many busy working days, it’s really a fantastic activity for everyone. We can enjoy relaxing and took part in the BBQ happily.

From this activity, we had further relationship and similar as a family team. We will keep this good things as times goes by, and hope our new member Haley will adapt deeply to us and take part in more activities.


Wisdom Power is looking forward to next happy time. Cheers!