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Sealed lead acid batteries introduction

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

Introduction of Sealed lead acid batteries

French Prandt in 1859 invented lead-acid batteries, has gone through nearly 150 years of development, lead-acid batteries in theoretical research, product variety and variety, product electrical performance, etc. have been improved, whether in traffic , Communications, electricity, military or in navigation, aviation in various economic fields, lead-acid batteries have played an indispensable role.

According to the structure and use of lead-acid battery difference, the battery is divided into four categories: 1, start with lead-acid batteries; 2, power lead-acid batteries; 3, fixed-valve sealed lead-acid batteries; Including small valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, miner's lamp with lead-acid batteries.

A single cell lead-acid battery nominal voltage is 2.0V, can discharge to 1.5V, can charge to 2.4V. In the application, often with six single-cell lead-acid batteries in series to form a nominal 12V lead-acid batteries. There are 24V, 36V, 48V and so on.

Key Features

Safe seal

In normal operation, the electrolyte will not leak from the terminal or housing of the battery.

The special absorbent baffle holds the acid, and there is no free acid inside the battery, so the battery can be placed in any position.

Deflation system

After the battery pressure exceeds the normal level, VRLA battery will release excess gas and automatically re-sealed to ensure that there is no excess gas in the battery.

Maintenance is simple

Because of the unique gas composite system to produce the gas into water, in the use of VRLA battery process does not need to add water.

long lasting

Using a corrosion-resistant structure of the lead-calcium alloy fence VRLA battery can be used for 10-15 years.

Quality and high reliability

The use of advanced production technology and strict quality control system, VRLA battery quality and reliable performance. Voltage, capacity and seal on-line 100% inspection.

safety certificate

All VRLA batteries are UL certified.

The application of batteries

backup power


* Solar system

* Electronic switch system

* Communication equipment: base stations, PBX, CATV, WLL, ONU, STB, cordless phones

* Backup power: UPS, ECR, computer backup system, Sequence, ETC and so on

* Emergency equipment: emergency lights, fire burglary, fire gate

main power

* Communication equipment: Transceiver

* Electric control locomotives: acquisition vehicles, automatic transporters, electric wheelchairs, cleaning robots, electric cars, etc.

* Machine tool launcher: lawnmower, hedge trimmers, cordless drill, electric screwdriver, electric sled, etc.

* Industrial equipment / instruments

* Camera: flash, VTR / VCR, movie lights and so on

Other portable devices, and so on