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3.57KW home solar power generation system

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

PV Shanghai 3.57KW home solar power generation system successfully installed, the system uses "spontaneous use, more than electricity Internet" mode, the installation area of 35 square feet, the annual power generation is expected to reach more than 4000 degrees.

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According to the Shanghai PV subsidy policy, the public in their own roof to build a private photovoltaic power station, the original 0.42 yuan per kilowatt-hour basis of state subsidies, and then increase the local subsidies, the total subsidy reached 0.82 yuan per kilowatt, ranking the forefront.

According to the new version of the "Shanghai Renewable Energy and New Energy Development Fund to support special measures", photovoltaic and wind power two types of new energy projects will be based on power generation for a period of 5 years reward. Distributed PV "electricity subsidies" for the amount of industrial and commercial users 0.25 yuan / kWh, 0.4 yuan / kWh individual users.

villa users to install solar photovoltaic power station has its unique advantages. In addition, the photovoltaic power generation system with high reliability, long life, beautiful and environmentally friendly. In the roof of the building after the laying of photovoltaic power generation system, can effectively absorb light, heat insulation, let your roof become the most beautiful scenery.


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