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China's first large-scale solar UAV completed

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

Solar energy system UAV successfully witnessed two thousand meters high-altitude witnessed the Chinese Miracle China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation today announced that the company's independent research and development of the new rainbow solar unmanned aerial vehicles in the northwest to complete a near space flight test, a complete success

solar UAV completed

                         solar UAV success

This marks the country to become the United States, Britain, the third to master the space near the solar unmanned aerial vehicle technology country, is made in China another classic.


This is also the first successful development of China's long-term space near the space solar unmanned aerial vehicles, scale and weight after the United States, and the core of key technologies and equipment to achieve all the localization



According to reports, the new rainbow solar unmanned aerial vehicles using solar power as a power source, with long flight characteristics, the future blank time can be up to several months to several years, and the flight height is high, more than 20,000 meters, the task area is broad, With "quasi-satellite" features, with the deployment of flexible, good economy and other advantages.


The new rainbow solar unmanned aerial vehicles can be widely used in the field of military and civilian integration, including major natural disaster warning, normalized sea area supervision, emergency rescue, anti-terrorism and other public welfare areas and remote areas of Internet wireless access, mobile communications, digital television signal broadcasting Such as commercial and industrial fields.