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How to choose 1KW solar energy storage system

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

1KW solar energy storage system is not a standardized product, the same configuration may not be suitable for all users, but according to the user's use to design and configuration, different places, not the same type of use. In this regard, many customers learn than less, for the intention to install solar power system users, should choose what kind of solar power system? In this abbreviated description.

First, choose a portable machine or combined?
The portable machine is also easy to carry and the development and design, with easy to carry, free installation features, ideal for outdoor camping, but due to the limited size, storage capacity is too small, the cost is high. Modular need for simple installation, large capacity storage, both practical and affordable, and therefore more suitable for home users and outdoor home use.
  Second, pure lighting or for household electric appliances?
Solar power system according to their functions can be divided into two types, one is a simple home lighting system DC lighting; the second is that is can lighting and can be used for home appliances have 220V AC output power generation system. Lighting system features a simple, but also the most cost-effective power generation systems, but not for household electric appliances.
 Third, the off-grid or grid-good?
  We know that the current types of solar power generation system from the main grid and two kinds of network, and the network is divided into two kinds of energy storage and non-storage devices. Each of the components has a difference, the place is not suitable for use as the most important costs are very different. In general, from the cost of network systems and network systems up a lot of energy storage devices and network and those without energy storage devices and network systems. Off-grid solar power system is suitable for use anywhere, and is only suitable for the grid can be incorporated into the public grid places.
  Fourth, with regard to the size of the system capacity
  System capacity is the size of the solar system scale, directly determines the number of generated electricity a day, usually with a "W" represents tile, and whether it is in the net or off-grid power generation system, the system capacity refers to the installation of solar plate number. But for power-grid power generation system, and some manufacturers use the inverter output to indicate the size of the system capacity, it is not professional representation, we should pay attention to when buying.
  Therefore, customers in the choice of solar power generation system, first according to their own needs to choose pure lighting or for household electric appliances, and secondly to consider the installation of off-grid or grid. If it is the lack of electricity without electricity use, can only choose off-grid power systems; electricity if convenient, in order to save electricity costs, the choice and power generation systems. In addition, the 1000 watts of small power generation systems, you can choose from the net; if it is more than 2000W, and can consider the use of the network approach.
  In general, if it is in remote areas without electricity or frequent power outages rural families choose 10W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 60W, 80W pure lighting systems more affordable. Or if you just solve lighting problems, but also consider pure lighting system. If you take into account the need to use small appliances like electric fans and TV, such as orchards, ranger station, seed seedy base, outdoor breeding sites, etc., you can choose 100W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W off-grid power systems. For the convenience of electricity for families, you can select more than 2000W of power generation system, China has allowed free network, but the specific rules and procedures need to be further confirmed with the local county level power sector. Another consideration is how much solar power system for their own use of it? The choice should be considered in conjunction with the specific field of use of the budget.
1. System size: generally refers to the supporting solar panel power size, the power directly determines how much electricity a day.
2. Output capacity: refers to the maximum power solar power system after full charge stored.
3. Maximum load: refers to the load and the electrical power, the system is able to withstand the maximum value, the use of electrical power can not exceed the maximum load.
4. generating capacity: This is an average reference value, greatly affected by weather conditions, used in different regions, not the same generation.



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