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Some common problems with storage batteries

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

1. After the liquid level drops, should I add distilled water or electrolyte?

Distilled water should be added when the liquid level drops, and no electrolyte should be added. Because the liquid level drops mostly due to evaporation of water and electrolysis of water at the end of charging. If the electrolyte is added, the specific gravity will increase and the service life of the battery will be affected. However, if the liquid level is lowered due to the leakage of the electrolyte caused by the crack in the outer tank, the electrolyte should be added after the repair of the joint.

2. How high should the electrolyte level be suitable?

The electrolyte liquid level should be 10-15 mm higher than the electrode plate. If the liquid level is too high, it will easily overflow and corrode the surrounding parts. However, when the plate is too low, the upper plate is easily exposed, which not only reduces the battery capacity, but also exposes the exposed plate to be quickly vulcanized. The plastic tank battery has an electrolyte height mark on the outer tank. Generally, the electrolyte liquid level should be flush with the "max or U" line.

3. What should I do after the storage battery is frozen?

The reason for storage battery icing is generally:

(1) The storage battery has a low specific gravity when it leaves the factory. The electrolyte reaches a freezing point when used in cold regions;

(2) After the storage battery is over-discharged, the specific gravity of the electrolyte drops more, but it is not charged in time;

(3) The electrolyte liquid level is too low. After adding distilled water, the engine is not operated for a certain period of time, so that the upper and lower specific gravity of the electrolyte are inconsistent, and stratification occurs.

General treatment method:

The icy storage battery should be moved to a warm room to let it melt slowly; then charge the battery with 1/3 of the specified charging current, continuously observe the cell voltage and electrolyte temperature, and the specific gravity of the electrolyte should reach 1.28g after charging. /cm3, if not in compliance, adjust with distilled water or sulfuric acid having a specific gravity of 1.40 g/cm3.