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Lithium li-ion battery pack for electric bicycle Advantages

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

Lithium-ion battery pack for electric bicycle Advantages and disadvantages


There is a compact lithium battery electric bicycle, weighs only about 16 kilograms, the battery is only a book size, only 2.5 kg, can be carried in the bag to go, you can also use to charge the computer, While the same power of lead-acid battery weight in 15 kg. However, this electric car price is more expensive, to more than 2,800 yuan . This car uses a lithium battery, Charging one time can run about 30 kilometers.


Lithium battery electric bicycle power performance and lead-acid battery is almost, charging 6 to 8 hours, according to the battery capacity can run 30 to 45 km, the weight of lead-acid batteries only 1/5 or so. Lithium battery electric bicycle is the biggest advantage of long life, a group of batteries available 4 to 5 years, while the lead-acid battery life is only 2 years. The industry said that energy saving and environmental protection is the direction of development of electric bicycles, with the technological progress, lithium battery electric bicycle is expected to replace the current lead-acid battery electric bicycle.


"From the experience of developed countries such as Europe and the United States, lithium battery is the future direction of development of electric bicycles." Lead-acid batteries may cause environmental pollution, so in Europe and other developed countries, lithium battery electric vehicle penetration is higher, the market share of 50 %, And now China Ningbo electric bicycles have 500,000, lithium battery electric bicycles only 5,000 or so, the share of about 1%.


Lithium battery Lightweight, environmental protection, After disposal not produce environmental pollution, once the application of technology is mature, market sales increased, the price of lithium battery electric bike will certainly come down.


Lead-acid battery technology is simple and inexpensive, shortcomings charge and discharge life of an average of 300 to 500 times the average charge and discharge life, Bulky, heavy weight.Lithium battery with the capacity of lead-acid one-fifth of the weight, charge and discharge long life: ternary polymer lithium charge and discharge times 1000 times, the highest charge and discharge life of lithium iron phosphate up to 2 thousand times. Disadvantages: high price so the popularity of less than lead-acid widely, electric cars and tricycles are 90% sealed lead acid batteries.