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lithium electric industry chain production capacity overruns

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Zhongguancun new battery technology innovation alliance, 2018 national battery new energy industry chain "contract" series 2 (shenzhen station)


Battery c - China battery network - January 15 (qian zhang mountain water in shenzhen, Beijing) new energy vehicles shall be exempted from vehicle purchase tax preferential policy extended effect three years and new energy automobile policy officially released, double integral lock-up fuel cutoff positive policy, such as car schedule on the agenda suggests that the Chinese government determination to the development of new energy automotive industry.RGL association, according to data in 2017, new energy automobile production and sales are close to 800000, production reached 794000, sales of 777000 vehicles, year-on-year growth of 53.8% and 53.3%, respectively, new energy car sales in 2018 is expected to more than 1 million vehicles.

In 2016 and 2017, the ministry of industry and information technology (mii) will release the specifications for the automotive power battery industry and the action plan for promoting the development of the automobile power battery industry.Among them, the standard conditions of the automobile power battery industry have greatly improved the entry threshold of power battery enterprises, and the production capacity is increased from "no less than 0.2GWh" to "no less than 8Gwh";To promote the development action plan of the automobile power battery industry, it is proposed that by 2020, the total output of the power battery industry will exceed 100GWh, which will form the leading enterprise with a production and marketing scale of over 40GWh and an international competitiveness.The power battery capacity expansion upgrade enterprise, China battery network from the announcement of listed companies and the public report, statistics in recent year (2017.01.01-2017.12.31) materials for lithium batteries and upstream investment situation, counted 100 investment projects, the lithium battery project 38 upstream project of mineral resources, the anode materials and 34, anode materials and lithium electricity copper foil project 15, lithium-ion battery diaphragm project 6, electrolyte item 7, have announced 84 projects investment, total more than 215.9 billion yuan.Influenced by power lithium batteries a surge in demand, followed by a cathode materials, anode materials, membrane, electrolyte, and lithium resources, industry chain cooperation between linkage is more apparent, in 2017, the lithium battery industry chain restructuring project statistics, there are 35, 34 projects announced the deal amount, total amount exceeds 46.5 billion yuan.

In addition, with the rapid development of the new energy industry and the rapid expansion of the global battery separator production line, there has been a situation of overcapacity.China plastic association battery diaphragm ChangSunDongQuan branch secretary in the fifth lithium electricity "davos", said only in March 2017, has more than 10 domestic companies announced the new diaphragm production line more than 40, capacity more than 1 billion square meters.By the end of October 2017, more than 120 new production lines had been opened in China.Another 20 companies are expected to enter the lithium battery membrane industry in 2018, when the national lithium battery membrane capacity will reach 8 billion square meters, the lithium membrane industry or the total loss...

Faced with a series of blind expansion of the new energy industry chain, how to control the repeated investment and speculation is worth pondering!


On January 6 in the afternoon, the zhongguancun new battery technology innovation alliance, cell c (micro number: CBHA100), China's battery network (micro number: mybattery), I love Shared (micro number: xevcar) jointly organized, Sunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd, shenzhen pury Seth detection technology Co., Ltd., joint of zhongguancun new battery technology innovation alliance in 2018, the national new energy battery industry chain "bureau" series of activities (shenzhen station), the second stop wanda light industrial park in hin a successful ending.Li-ion battery/battery "davos BBS" organizing committee secretary general of the committee, China's battery founder/chairman in Puritan said, "the bureau" series of activities is the zhongguancun new battery technology innovation alliance network/lithium battery/battery c/China "davos" organizing committee after the national tour after research line, "asked" brand activities, such as a new attempt and innovation, "the bureau" activities through discussion between exchanges, study visits, strengthen on the middle and lower reaches of industry consolidation, investment, restructuring;About policy bureau, bureau of about markets, about company's bureau, the bureau of wisdom about, about contacts of bureau, is a battery has a large circle of entrepreneurs, new energy industry chain cafe positive energy "bureau", and influential people influence more influential people together;Every time the activity locks a city and a core theme, and the industry entrepreneur to understand, in-depth exchange of technology and industry hot spots, focus topics.

Meeting, Shenzhen Center Power Tech Co., Ltd., President of Zhang Huanong, East Group Co., Ltd, chairman of He Simo, Shenzhen bay, new energy materials Co., Ltd., general manager of YueMin, Shenzhen zte innovative materials Technology Co., Ltd., chairman of the board of directors huda, Shenzhen chong Ming new energy Co., Ltd. Dean davids and Feng Xianguang warburg new energy Co., Ltd. Executive vice President of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Senior Technology Material Co., Ltd., chairman of xiu-feng Chen, Sunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd, vice President of Liang Rui, Shenzhen pury Seth detection Technology Co., Ltd., vice general manager Dr Zhu Jing, BYD Company Limited project manager Guo Weinan, Shenzhen Capchem Technology Co., Ltd., vice general manager of Zhao Baoshun such as more than 30, the new three board of listed companies, listed companies holding subsidiary of entrepreneurs and Senior and upstream and downstream industry chain will be hand to hand, combining?How to interpret the remanence of production capacity?The new era, new momentum, and how to choose the new blue ocean will be discussed in depth.


Lithium electric "davos" BBS organizing committee/battery life committee, founder/chairman of China battery network, in qing education, Chinese battery network data picture.

In Puritan said, whatever you do, the anode diaphragm materials, anode materials, power battery, new energy vehicles, equipment, etc are all faced with excess capacity, excess capacity in low capacity too much (" bad "capacity), at the same time, the enterprise through merger and acquisition and other shortcuts crossover and can also lead to overcapacity.In the eyes of puritanism, the next three to five years is the era of a giant war.In 2017, the "bundling phenomenon" between enterprises is highlighted, and baic new energy, byd, guoxuan hi-tech and ningde era are all "tied up".With the development and concentration of the industry, power battery 


Shenzhen Center Power Tech Co.,Ltd. President zhang huagong.

Shenzhen Center Power Tech Co., Ltd., said President Zhang Huanong male enterprise is the main lead acid on towers, in terms of lithium electricity, no may be byd, CATL, so future going with some market segment, associated with lead, for example, may be a company main attack direction in the field of forklift."Instead of following up on government subsidies, it would be better to go outside the government subsidy," said zhang. "the company has basically made a successful transition when the subsidies are over."At the same time, the company also actively invests in fuel cell field.It is estimated that the future cost of fuel cells will be lower than that of lithium batteries, and the future will be very wide after the mass production.In addition, on the logistics vehicles, low speed and a male baby is manganese acid lithium plate, because Japan has three factories, Toyota and Honda to the fuel cell, nissan do electric cars, with is manganese acid lithium series.Zhang said that if the lithium manganese acid series can solve the high temperature problem, it is very promising.

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