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storage battery Energy Solution-photovoltaic system

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

storage battery Energy Solution-photovoltaic system

Large-scale storage battery systems expect rising. Output fluctuation due to the rapid spread of photovoltaic power generation, the battery on the system stability becomes indispensable. Millions more and more in the PV power plant inverter field.

The solution system is made up with an equipment by which it can generate electricity with photovoltaic(PV) and wind power via controller to store energy into batteries, or supply DC or AC power to user. Using the wind and light complementary system can be more stable total output and improve the stability and reliability of power supply system. Ensure the power supply condition, can greatly reduce energy storage battery capacity, less investment, let the enterprises to gain more economic benefits.

Households controller and LFP battery

 1.Beautiful outlook, perfect function, economical and practical, with LED display.
 2.Integrated design for Inverter control.
 3.Has the overcharge, discharge, overload, overheating, short circuit, owe pressure, over-voltage, reverse connect, such as lightning protection measures.
 4.With the single chip processor as the core processing chip, powerful, superior performance, stable and reliable.
 5.Advanced the most power tracing (MPPT) control technology, high efficiency.
 6.Intelligent three stage battery charging management, prolong the service life of the battery.
 7.Energy dissipation control the fan speed limit load, intelligent pulse control mode effective protection fan safety operation.
The range of application
 Suitable for remote area with no electric power, the islands, frontier stations etc. For the family illumination, watching TV, VCD, refrigerator, listening to the radio and other home appliances.
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