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German companies supply the double glass 300W solar panels

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

German companies supply the double glass 300W solar panels

German solar cell manufacturers solarwatt on February 12 announced that it has started the output power supply the double glass solar panels of 300W. It is said that the amount of double-sided glass-type products in the industry's output was the highest. By the 60 monocrystalline silicon cells (power generating element) constituted.
The double glass solar panel on the back of the package is based on replacing the glass back resin commonly used to improve the reliability.
solarwatt established in 1993, it began in 1998 sided glass products supplier. From 2013, all the products are used double-sided glass.

The company cited the long-term reliability and environmental resistance of the glass-sided advantages. Even after 5000 hours of humidity test and the (Damp heat test: DHT), the output cell decreases less than 1%.

In addition to large-scale industrial power plants, the sales target is for residential use. In general, the double glass solar panels since the back of the glass is also used, in addition to the cost, weight will increase. Therefore, when setting up on the roof, and the roof structure of the building requirements to withstand its weight. Thus, the double glass type panels manufacturer many ground-installed photovoltaic power plants and Farming is the main target.

solarwatt in 2013 with Germany's BMW on the use of "360 Electric" Cooperation pure electric vehicles in 2015 and with the large German auto parts maker Bosch high-efficiency photovoltaic cooperation.

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