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Global power lithium battery industry development survey

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

International power lithium battery industry overall overview
. Global power lithium battery industry development survey
Global lithium-based batteries is to power, and Japan, China, South Korea led

The pattern has been formed, the three combined market share of about 90% of major companies Sanyo, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, South Korea's SDI, China's BYD Japan. Japanese lithium batteries are mainly for export to Europe and other countries and regions, the core technology compared to China and South Korea still has advantages.

Global Electric Vehicle type lithium battery industry is still in its infancy, in the huge market space, attracted many vendors are entering the field, there are four categories: major manufacturers of lithium batteries (such as Sanyo), automobile manufacturers (such as Toyota , Daimler), auto parts giant (such as Continental, Magna, Bosch), start-up technology companies (such as the US A123). To spread risk, accelerate product development and industrialization process, into the business in general, the industry chain parties joint ventures or cooperative mode, typical is the "automobile manufacturers + battery manufacturers," "auto parts manufacturers + battery manufacturers" in two .
描述模板1_10.jpgFrom the current situation, the lithium-ion battery production mainly in Japan and South Korea, where South Korean manufacturer is developing rapidly in recent years. According to the Japanese market research firm TSR data show that in 2011 South Korean enterprises in the global lithium-ion battery market Field share of 39%, for the first time surpassed Japan (35%) to become the world's largest producer of lithium-ion batteries. In Korea companies, Samsung SDI in the global lithium-ion battery market share of 23%, LG Chemical is 16 percent; Japanese companies, Panasonic 24%, Sony is 8%. South Korean lithium battery manufacturers for Japanese companies to produce a hit, in November 2012 public information display, Sony is discussing the sale of its battery business.

Currently, the global lithium-ion batteries in China, Japan and South Korea as the leading pattern has been formed, the three combined market share of about 90%. Lithium-ion battery production has centralized features, the world's top ten companies accounted for about global95% of the market share, the top three companies are Sanyo, Samsung SDI of South Korea and Japan's Sony Japan.

The world's new energy automotive industry will show a trend of rapid industrialization in the technology continues to mature, the government's policies continue to fall in the background, in addition, power tools, electric bicycles, new energy and other industries also will remain in the background of a low-carbon economy rapid development momentum.

2013 global lithium battery industry will reach $ 27.81 billion, is expected by 2015, the industrial application of new energy vehicles will drive the size of the global lithium industry reached 52.32 billion US dollars.