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2016 Huizhou Chamber Of E-Commerce award ceremony

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

2016 Huizhou Chamber Of E-Commerce award ceremony

 At 13 o'clock on January 16th, 2016. Huizhou Chamber Of E-Commerce 2016 annual meeting and awards ceremony was held in the northern Italian Johnson Plaza, 7th Floor Washington state banquet banquet hall. By then, the 80 representatives of member companies and a total of nearly 300 people from Huizhou district and media guests attended the event.

  The annual net Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting is the family reunion, the family is the most solemn moment of the Chamber of Commerce. This annual meeting is divided into three parts: A: 2015 annual awards ceremony concluded II: Battle Dongjiang three-stage awards ceremony three: cabaret, lottery

 Warm congratulations Huizhou Wisdom Power Technology Co., Ltd. of General Manager ERIC as dean of the School Of Business, members of the Chamber of Commerce on behalf of all those willing to sacrifice his family expressed heartfelt thanks. While the new president of the Chamber of Commerce also focus on the future we were planning.

 The success of the annual meeting of the joint efforts of all the family members, the result of joint pay. Happy sharing, solidarity, integrity and win-win situation, and sincerely wish the Chamber of Commerce of Huizhou network better and better!